So I'm slacking on the challenge. I've gotten soooo many new polishes lately, I just want to try them all! Plus, I'm still testing the stamps from my friend's plate that I used in my last manicure.

My husband recently pulled a muscle in his back. When he went to the pharmacy to pick up some muscle relaxers, he had 15 minutes to kill. I swear, he tried to bring home ALL THE POLISH! He brought home between 15-20 polishes for me, and amazingly, there were only 3 that I already had. So he did good! Then I went to Sally, and they were still having their buy 2 get 1 free sale, and I wanted to pick up another bottle of Fairy Dust anyway, so I grabbed 2 other China Glaze polishes that I'd been lemming but were always out of stock when I went. When it came time to redo my nails, I just took the bag full of polish that Husband bought, threw in the 2 new China Glazes, handed the bag to husband and said "Close your eyes and pick." This is what I ended up with!

The blue is China Glaze First Mate, which reminds me so much of the TARDIS from Doctor Who. That was the main reason I wanted this polish! Then I stamped on top with Revlon Smoldering. I am loving this polish. I wasn't sure how it would stamp, but Husband wanted me to try, and it stamped really well. The color shift is even more apparently in person than in pictures. I have such a hard time capturing color shifts on camera! Don't mind the scratches and dings. We didn't have sun when the mani was fresh, so there's a bit of wear.

I've been slacking on my cuticle care the last week or so, and it really shows. But I'm back on the wagon now, so they'll be happy again in no time! Of course, it doesn't help that I've been knitting like a fiend the last few days. I'm trying to finish a Red Riding Hood-esque cape for my daughter. I'd hoped to have it ready by her birthday tomorrow, but that's not going to happen, due to technical difficulties with the pattern. Completely me being a derphead. But it will be awesome when it's done!


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