Next up we have green! I *just* got this polish and I've been dying to give it a go. This is Jessica "Iridescent Eye" and it's a dupe for Chanel Peridot at a mere fraction of the cost. Yay!! I tried and tried to get a great picture, but between my poor photography skills and terrible lighting (thank you umpteenth day of rain in a row!), I just couldn't capture the wonderfulness that is this polish. I can't stop staring at my hands, flexing my fingers to see the colors change!

I actually tried a little experiement with this polish, but nothing seems to have come of it. I know that with some duo/multichrome polishes, if you layer it over different colors it brings out different colors in the polish. So, after starting with my normal Nailtiques 2 and Orly Bonder, I started with a base of 5 different colors. From pinkie to thumb I used white, blue, gray, green, and white. I threw the blue in because in the bottle you can see blue around the edges but it doesn't show on the nail at all. Guess what! I don't see a difference in any of the nails, either in person or in the pictures. I guess this is just an opaque enough duochrome that it doesn't really need a base. I added Seche Vite over the whole shebang.


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